Tuesday, August 4, 2009

5 Go To A Sample Sale?

As I exited my apartment this morning, I rounded the corner to find a huge queue of hysterical and impossibly glamorous women in a line, surrounded by police and photographers. It turned out they were trying to get into the Alexander McQueen sample sale. As I ambled past in my charcoal-stained studio rags, I wondered if perhaps it wasn't only my chakras that were a bit off - were my life priorities a little off-centre as well?

Toying with the notion of going home to change and get in there as well, I pushed on to my nemesis of the week - The Man With Nowhere To Go..And having had a productive day, he is now gathering force if not any particular purpose.

1 comment:

ian said...

I used to have a McQueen suit. Frank got his paw stuck in the corner of the trousers and ripped them to shreds.