Friday, May 14, 2010

Endless Possible Futures

Over a month has passed since I last posted - I am perhaps getting too old for blogging now I am in my 35th year...Or, that I have been producing and destroying stuff at a frighteningly similar rate...However, at the risk of losing my readers, I am back on it, so to speak.

I have been purposely quiet as I am working at full pace for the Edinburgh show which opens 1st July and don't want any overexposure of the work. I have been making some serious progress and my return to paint is going (after a fitful and neurotic start), I have to say, incredibly well!

Never one for glorious technicolour, (apart from my spectacular outfits) I have developed an interesting aubergine hue in which to paint as well as some other, secret combinations - coming soon! Although the paintings really now look like drawings, they have a softer and deeper quality to them that I am pretty chuffed with.

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Anonymous said...

these are amazing!