Monday, November 30, 2009

This is the partner piece to Conqueror, not sure of its title yet. Suggestions on a postcard...You know the address.. He is standing on a crumbling grecian pillar - not sure where that came from. These pieces with highly rendered backgrounds are a bit like huge comic book frames I think and are a have a totally different direction from the more graphic work but hopefully there's a cohesion.

The Believe sign is something I saw the other day on the outside of Macy's. It's huge and I suppose it refers to Santa. But it's a beautiful sign and word.
I was having a drunken conversation about self belief the other evening with a pro tennis player. He'd had 8 pints and I wasn't far behind so we were pretty full of it (self belief) but it's an interesting topic, where does it come from and more importantly how to hang onto it.

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