Thursday, November 19, 2009

La Vie en Bleue

A long day in the studio. I am toying with putting another figure into this. Initial concerns over the length of Pabs' hair are unfounded - his curls fly in a spectacular fashion. The blue is a lot more difficult to manipulate than the charcoal so it is a bit more of a struggle - but I'm no stranger to struggle..

My approach to the blue drawings is to spray a random line to divide the picture plane and then to draw in the figures to react with the line. And then smoke a fag to react with the carcinogenic aerosol fumes.

I have made the executive decision (not that there's anyone else at McArthur Enterprises to decide for), to scrap the few paintings I've made here in NYC and make the London show purely drawings. Time is against me, and I've never been terribly convinced of my abilities as a painter - I reckon a return to paint should come next year when I'm under less pressure. So the drawings need to be as ambitious as possible and the whole show will be Black and Blue which I think will look pretty damn cool.

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