Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh The Torment

I stayed up pretty late last night taking a long hard look at myself, and I'll tell you something for nothing, I'm not getting any younger. I haven't done a self portrait for some years but I'll really have to do them a bit more frequently so I get a few more in before my face falls off altogether.

It was kind of a Wacko Jacko night, as we'd been looking at some old moonwalking footage and I used to indulge myself in late night drawing and Jacko listening as a teenager in my room. All very angsty. So I did it again. Wonderful, apart from the fact that I've been smoking and boozing for 17 years since.

Anyway, if nothing else, it was a good way to have a look and a think about where the fillers and surgery should start. If only I'd had my personal physician on site I could have set him to work straight away.

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