Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Confusion

This is another very large piece I've started using the material from 42nd Street early hours. I'm trying to have a lot of pieces on the go at one time so it could be a while before anything's finished. It's taking a bit of getting used to working in the fishbowl of the gallery, but it's also a great way of meeting potential clients. The storefront element is a winner I would say. "Storefront" !!, listen to me - I'm yanking up by the day.

It was pretty tough to get out of bed this morning. I had a horrendously disturbing and vivid dream, the content of which I cannot post unfotunately. Trust me, you wouldn't want to know. However, it has motivated me to buy myself a new pillow this evening, which will hopefully calm my troubled subconscious. I can't risk another dream like that one..

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