Friday, June 5, 2009

Breaking America

A few sketches for McArthur's next mission of Breaking America. My first attempts with working in spray can and charcoal which I think is a winner especially in large format. These pieces are much looser than how I normally draw, especially with the cityscapes it's a real break from the old routine to draw in a different style - very liberating. There's definitely room for areas of spray can, very loose charcoal work and very tight areas all in the same drawing.
I'm thinking about power with these pieces, how the figures work in relation to the city - is the figure conquering the city or the other way around? This is an interesting idea especially in a city like NY that makes you feel so small as an individual. There are all sorts of angles on this - superheroes, invaders, are we fleeing it or jumping in? It's maybe how I'm seeing my own arrival in NYC - it's got to be powerful but controlled, and definitely fearless!

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