Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meeting of Minds

My brief Scottish tour is coming to an end as I make the final preparations for arrival in NYC. And no Scottish tour would have been complete without a visit to Dylan Lisle Heights in the capital. Dylan is a very focused and gifted young man whose work you can see at www.dylanlisle.com

More than anything I was supremely impressed with his determination and agility. His ability to paint and more importantly to move around seemed incredible, considering he is suffering from an unfortunate accident which has left the poor boy with a broken leg.

Dylan and I experience much of the same life and work issues and although few conclusions were drawn, a lot of nonsense was talked and fun was had, all disabilities considered.

Healthy competition was one of the topics discussed and although my observation of power struggles was possibly a little dramatic and ridiculed by Mr. L it was clear to me that some form of this exists between us, and indeed between most artists at a similar level career wise.

So, in order to channel the energies of both Lisle and McArthur, we may join forces later in the year in a project which should enable us both to come out on top.

Watch this space.

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