Monday, June 22, 2009

The Drowning Man

After I came back from my dawn excursion up to 42nd Street I came back and did a bit of work! The Drowning Man is an idea that I had many years ago in Australia but I think it came out again this morning after witnessing quite a lot of drowning men uptown. There were drowning women as well of course, but women tend to float better than men. I'm going to go on a dawn excursion tomorrow as well, it seems like a creative time for me.

My delight in the doormen is wearing off. I had to go on a lot of missions today so was in and out a lot and after 7 or 8 "How YOU doin miss"s I had had more than enough..

I was complimented on my english today as well in a shop. It is rather good I suppose, even for a Scot. Thank you Duane.

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